Heath Naturally





Starting QIGONG I noticed an immediate difference in my energy and health. It is perfect for unwinding after a stressful day at work.



I find QIGONG incredibly relaxing, it really helps clear my mind after work and it always leaves me refreshed and energised.



I had been having hip pain, which had gone from being a mild irritation to a nagging worry.  Regular QIGONG practise has completely stopped the pain and allowed me to be active again.



QIGONG improves my energy levels and brings a calmness and relaxation to my day. Highly recommended  for anyone wishing to improve the quality of their life!



My frozen shoulder of six months disappeared after the first two sessions of Gentle Exercise for the Over 50s.



Since starting the Gentle Exercise For The Over 50s classes with Kate when I was 60, I have found the stiffness I have had in my joints has been alleviated, and the strength has returned to my lower back where I have had persistent weakness and pain in the past.  The classes are relaxing and enjoyable, giving me a sense of calm and peace, which I am sure helps to offset my high blood pressure.




Many of us as we get older learn to adjust to aches and pains, difficulty in bending or moving, and the loss of our balance and co-ordination.  We just accept them as part of the aging process.  Having done T’ai Chi for five years , I realise those problems are not so common now.   I have quicker reflexes and I also bend using my legs and not my back!  


Tai Chi has had a great impact on me as a person.  It has helped my posture in many ways, and  people actually say I look taller.  I enjoy the movements in the forms and the techniques in pushing hands and the weapons forms.  I am more sure of myself, and it is really my own personal challenge.



I have found a constant improvement in both my health and my ability to relax.  My damaged lower back is now strong, my asthma attacks and digestive problems are fewer and my friends and family feel I am nicer to be with, calmer and more positive.



Qigong has helped me to sustain a healthy life.  I have not needed to renew my spectacle prescription for a few years, and I am calmer and more relaxed about life in general.